Chain Nose Pliers Smooth Jaw

Economy Chain Nose Pliers

Perfect for all your jewelry projects



Round Nose Looping Pliers

Economy Round Nose Pliers

These serve all of your looping needs
Headpins, Eyepins, etc.




Precision Cutter (Made in Italy)

These precision cutters are perfect for all of your stringing wire needs.
Top Quality. Don’t use on memory


Economy Cutters

These cutters serve all of your chain & memory wire cutting needs.




Economy Side Cutters

These cutters are for getting into small places. Use on chain and Memory Wire.




Economy Serrated Pliers

These are serrated pliers (Not Smooth Jaw) Great for crimping. Just use a little masking tape around the jaws.





Pinch Tweezer

These are Holding tweezers. You just squeeze to open tweezers and let go and the tweezers will hold your items.                                                                                $4.00



Nylon Series Chain Nose

These pliers are a must for anyone working with wire. Just apply pressure to wire and push away from you to straighten wire, head pins, eyepins, etc



Nylon Series Replacement Heads

These are the replacement heads for your Nylon Chain Nose Pliers. These heads come with screws.


19 strand Designer Series Beadalon.
.012”   30 Ft. Spool                  $9.00
.015”   30 Ft. Spool                  $9.00
.018”   30 Ft. Spool                  $9.00
.024”  30 Ft. Spool                  $9.00

All of the above 100 ft. Spool $26.99

The Original Bead Stoppers!

These are a must if you string beads. Ever lost your work at the end of the strand. Just pinch these open and close at each end of your bead wire.

Pack of 2 Bead Stoppers        $ 2.50
Pack of 6 Bead Stoppers        $ 6.75

Badge Holders

Spring Clips with 3 1/2” Strap

88 x 12 mm Mylar ID snap strap with
A 25 x 12mm clip

Pack of 10                                  $10.00

.012" 30 FT. spool
.015" 30 Ft. spool
.018" 30 Ft. spool
.024" 30 Ft. spool
.012" 100 Ft. spool
.015" 100 Ft. spool
.018" 100 Ft. spool
.024" 100 Ft. spool

Pack of 2
Pack of 6


Clear Earring Stays

These are great Clear Soft Plastic stays for the backs of your earrings. Clear and unnoticeable.

Pack of 144    $4.00

Clear Eyeglass holders in Plastic with Gold Coil.

Clr-GLD eye

Pack of 12 $5.00


Clear Eyeglass holders in Plastic with
Rhodium Coil

Clr-Rh eye

Pack of 12   $5.00

5x Magnification lamp.

Eyesight protective 5x magnifying lamp.
11 watt cold lamp house
Brightness raised 150%
Electricity Saved = 80%
Lamps life span 8000 hours

Available in Black          $30.00


Ring Mandrel

Plastic Ring Mandrel is 13” long.

Measures 1/4” sizes from Size 1 up to
Size 15. Not for hammering on.


Plastic Ring Sizers

This set of 25 plastic sizers on ball chain accurately measures fingers from size 1 through 13, including half sizes.

Crimping Pliers

These pliers are for your desired
Perfect Crimp at the ends of your bead work.



10 piece Needle File Set

3 mm x 140 mm

10 different shapes for all of your
Filing needs.



Butane Micro Torch

  • Electronic Ignition
  • Uses standard Butane
  • For all of your soldering & welding needs
  • Temperature  1300 C/ 2450 F
  • Temp (soldering iron) 200-450 C/ 390-840 F
  • Volume  Butane 64ml
  • Burning Time  68-70 minutes
  • Meets CPSC New Child Safety Requirement
  • Butane Sold Seperately


Copper Tongs

These Copper tongs are 9” Long.
Use for your Soldering Bath will not
Change the bath chemical composition.


Round Nose Parallel Pliers
Unbelievable for your bending heavy
wire. Take the stress from your hands.


Flat Nose Parallel Pliers
Unbelievable for your working with
heavy wire. Takes the stress from your

Polishing Cloth

For Gold, Copper, Silver, Brass, &
Nickel. One side is impregnated with polish
Other side is for buffing. Lasts a very long time.


Round Nose

Flat Nose

Pliers Stand
Wooden Plier Stand with plastic feet
Holds Six pair of pliers
Jaws down Holds 12 pliers.


Out of Stock

Pin Vice
Wonderful for Creating Twisted wire. 0—1/8” Unscrew to reveal two more vices.


Precision Micro Chain Nose Pliers
These smooth jaw Economy Pliers are much smaller than your standard chain nose enabling you to get into the smallest of places.



Prceision Flat Nose Pliers
My wife swears by them. Enough said.


Nylon Series Round Nose
These pliers are non-marring. A must for
Anyone working with wire or metals you do not want to mar.


2 x 3 Resealable Bags
These 2” x 3” bags are 2 mil thick.
These bags are the best quality out there.

100 bags for $3.00

3 x 5 Resealable Bags
These 3” x 5” bags are 2 mil thick.
These bags are the best quality out there.

100 bags for $4.00


4 x 6 Resealable Bags
These 4” x 6” bags are 2 mil thick.
These bags are the best quality out there.

100 Bags for $5.00

Nylon Series Looping Combo Pliers

These Nylon Looping Pliers will enable you to make perfice bends with a round nose against a flat nose without
Marring the wire.

1 Plier  $15.00

24K 19-.018

15 ft. spool of 24 K Gold Plated 19 strand Beadalon wire .018”


1 spool $11.00

Memory Bracelet

I coil ( approx. 12 rings ) of Bracelet memory wire. Enough to make 3 or 4 bracelets.

1 coil $3.00




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